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INPVC provide prompt high level technical service through our R&D centre and experienced technical team. We complete the one-stop solution of all your technical problems in the shortest time and in the most accurate way.

Whether it’s for standard PVC or special PVC products: many years of experience and a broad knowledge of manufacturing, processing and testing this versatile plastic make us a leader in PVC technology. We developed innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers.


INPVC’s Technical Service Representative will provide you:


Machine Purchasing Suggestion

Machine Purchasing Suggestion
 Equipment Installation & Adjustment Advice Equipment Installation & Adjustment Advice
PVC Processing Technology Modification

PVC Processing Technology Modification

PVC Product Performance Improvement

PVC Product Performance Improvement

 Sample Inspection and Testing  Sample Inspection and Testing
Production Color Matching Production Color Matching

Main Application

Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding