How to Choose the suitable PVC material for PVC shrink film production?

How to Choose the suitable PVC material for PVC shrink film production?

PVC shrink film boasts a myriad of benefits, including its effortless processability, exceptional shrinkage capabilities, and remarkable clarity. As a result, it has gained extensive utilization across various industries.
“Are you struggling to decide which type of PVC shrink film to produce? Let us provide some clarity by distinguishing between the two main options: PVC shrink label film and PVC shrink packaging film.

Knowing the key differences between these two types of film will make the decision-making process a breeze, following are the main difference between those two types shrink film:


PVC shrink label film

PVC shrink packaging film


Applied to the outer packaging of items

For label packaging, bottle seal etc




Priting character



Second, buy a suitable PVC shrink film machine, the shrink film machine usually be divided to two types: Horizontal and Vertical, Horizontal can produce small width size film, Vetical widely used for big size shrink film production. By the way, we have cooperated reliable machine supplier, wish will help you to buy ideal machine.

Third, prepare PVC raw material, there are PVC mixed powder and PVC compound for your choose. Following are the product pictures:

Both PVC powder and PVC granules can be used directly in machine, put the material in machine you will get shrink film.

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Post time: Jul-17-2023

Main Application

Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding