What PVC Hoses’ Application and Benefits ?

What PVC Hoses’ Application and Benefits ?

Main Idea of PVC Hose

A Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose is produced from a thermoplastic polymer (usually known as PVC Compounds Granules)that is created by polymerizing vinyl chloride. It is a lighter, more economical than rubber. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is possibly the most popular materials for hose and tubing. With the addition of a plasticizer, the compound becomes quite flexible and excellent material for hose extrusion.

PVC Hose Application

PVC hose can be used in food, dairy, agriculture, irrigation and medical industries. Due to its high corrosion resistance to chemicals and weathering, it can have many other applications.

Great Benefits Of PVC Tube & Hose

Chemical & abrasion resistance

Reinforced properties is ideal for applications requiring a tube that resists both abrasive surfaces and contact with chemical substances. Firstly, it chemical resistance capabilities are very broad and make it resistant to chemical corrosion and chemical stress cracking. It’s also resistant to water, which is part of what makes it food safe and suitable for keeping solutions sterile. Secondly, PVC has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. It is resistant to weathering, rotting and shock, which means it’s a tough and reliable choice for all kinds of applications. 


High Flexibility

The rubber-like flexibility of PVC gives PVC tube and hose reliable flexibility, strength and durability even under changing temperatures and conditions. It can even be used at low temperatures approaching -45°C while maintaining strength and  flexibility. 

High Pressure Resistance

Reinforced PVC hose tubing has great pressure resistance and can be manufactured in flexible and semi-rigid materials depending on your bespoke needs. 


PVC’s physical properties allow it to be easily manufactured so that it’s fully transparent. In addition, PVC also has excellent flow characteristics, which reduces the risk of blockages.


Special formulations and various construction options are available when it comes to manufacturing PVC, it is used across one of the widest range of applications by any one type of plastic material. All kinds of industries, from medical to industrial and chemical, use it for numerous applications, including fluid transfer, chemical processing, air and gas supply, and engine fuel lines.


It has been proven that PVC meets all international standards for health and safety for the products and applications for which it is used. This makes it particularly useful for medical applications and food and beverage applications.


As a non-toxic, inert polymer, PVC is a stable material. So, when it conveys a variety of liquids, it does not undergo any significant changes in composition or properties, making it a supremely safe and reliable option for most applications.


PVC is the No.1 choice for many industries due to its excellent cost-performance advantages, which is only enhanced further by its durability and low maintenance.


Post time: Oct-25-2023

Main Application

Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding