PVC Compounds for Compact and Foamed Shoes Soles Production

PVC Compounds for Compact and Foamed Shoes Soles Production

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  • Material : PVC resin + Eco-friendly additives
  • Hardness : ShoreA55-A75
  • Density: 1.22-1.35 g/cm3
  • Processing: Injection Moulding
  • Certification: RoHS, REACH, FDA, PAHS
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    PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic polymer widely used in footwear soles injection. PVC Soles are mainly done with direct injection process but can also be made as PVC micro-cellular foam boards which are calendared and cut. It has good flexing and abrasion resistance at a attractive cost. PVC soles also have good insulation and resistance properties. They are cost effective and also an alternate to leather.

    With studying and manufacturing experiences in PVC materials industry for more than 28 years, INPVC have been the popular PVC Sole Compounds Suppliers and Exporters, we offer uniform size of the particles that ensure stable and brilliant performance.

    Our offered PVC Sole Compounds are widely used in manufacturing Shoe Insoles & Outsoles, Slippers, Beach Sandals, Boots, Kids Soles, etc. and can easily get customized as per the need of your application. You may obtain this Polyvinyl Chloride Sole Compound easily with different grades.

    We have following types of Compounds for Footwear Soles Injection:
    * PVC granules for injection moulding of compact insoles & outsoles
    * PVC granules for injection moulding of foamed  insoles & outsoles
    * PVC granules for injection moulding of “extremely low density” foamed  insoles & outsoles (alternative to PU foamed soles)

    Product Details

    INPVC offer a wide range of 100% Virgin PVC compounds used for shoes soles and uppers production. Our footwear compounds with high mechanical resistance, efficiency in processing, innovation and superior appearance. We supply customized & special formulation as per requirement with assurance of quality and services.

    Material   100% virgin PVC resin + Eco-friendly additives
    Hardness   ShoreA50-A65
    Density   1.18-1.35 g/cm3
    Processing  Injection Moulding
    Color    Transparent, Crystal Clear, Natural, Translucent, Colored 
    Certification   RoHS, REACH, FDA, PAHS
    Application  Shoes & Boots Soles, Transparent Shoes Soles, Micro Cellular Soles, Compact soles
     Summer Slippers Sole, Sandals Outsole, Kid’s Footwear Soles, Heel Shoe Soles, 
     Dairy Boots Soles, Military shoes Soles, Rainy Shoes Soles, Floaters Soles, 
     Safety Shoes Soles, School Shoes Soles, Canvas Shoes Soles
    Basic Features                        Eco-friendly .  No Peculiar Smell.   Non Toxic
     Durable. Comfortable. Wear Resistant.  Non-Slip
     Multi Colored, Bright Color
     Uniform Particle Size, Smooth Surface Finish
     Bending Resistant . Abrasion Resistant
     Good Flexibility.  Good Tensile Strength .  
     Matt Finish and Dry Feel
     Light Weight.  Microcellular Lightweight
     Excellent dispersion. Excellent Moulding Properties 
     Adhere to leather, fabrics and other materials
    Customized Features   UV-Resistant
     Anti-Oil /Acid /Fat / Blood / Ethyl Alcohol/ Hydro carbon
     Lead-free Grades or Phthalate-free Grades
     Free of Heavy Metals and PAHs
     Food Contact Grades
     Microcellular Foamed Expanded Material
     Migration Resistant.  Yellow Stain Resistant
     Bending Resistant . Abrasion Resistant.  
     Bacteria Sterilization Resistant 
     High / Low Temperature Resisitance
     Antistatic and Conductive Grades

    Friendly Tips

    Are you in footwear sole manufacturing business? Want PVC Footwear Compound in beautiful colours, light weight, high-grades and other customizations, to ensure the durability of the footwear sole?

    INPVC, one of the trusted PVC Footwear Compound Manufacturers in China, got you covered. 

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    Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding