PVC Granules for Slipper Uppers V-Straps Injection

PVC Granules for Slipper Uppers V-Straps Injection

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  • Material : PVC resin + Eco-friendly additives
  • Hardness : ShoreA55-A75
  • Density : 1.22-1.35 g/cm3
  • Processing: Injection Moulding
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    We are one of the pioneers in the PVC compounding industry in China. These compounds are specifically formulated and manufactured to fulfill the needs of the modern time with the help of the most modern machines available at the moment. We make sure to meet the international standards and keep the quality of the product in each point of the production.

    Our PVC Strap Compound is manufactured using eco-friendly material in favourable temperature and is widely used for sole and strap manufacturing. This compound has a major role in ensuring the durability and longevity of the footwear sole and helps in manufacturing several finished products.The compound is available in glossy, dry as well as matt finishes to obtain the final look of the straps. Also, our flexible compound can be easily moulded into different shapes.

    Different colours, sizes, and grades, including Solid, Foam and Transparent are available !

    Product Types

    Solid, Foam, Transparent, Natural

    Product Details


    Material   100% virgin PVC resin + Eco-friendly additives
    Hardness   ShoreA60-A75
    Density   1.18-1.25 g/cm3
    Processing  Injection Moulding
    Color    Transparent, Crystal Clear, Natural, Translucent, Colored 
    Certification   RoHS, REACH, FDA, PAHS
    Application  PVC Footwear Straps, Shoe Upper Belt V-Strap
     Beach Thong V-straps, Shower Thong Sandals Straps, 
     Flip Flop Strap, Jelly Slipper Upper Strap, 
    Basic Features  Eco-friendly .  No Peculiar Smell.   Non Toxic
     Durable. Comfortable. Wear Resistant. 
     Delicate Fashion Colors, Bright Color
     Uniform Particle Size, Smooth Surface Finish
     Bending Resistant . Abrasion Resistant
     Good Flexibility.  Good Tensile Strength .  
     Light Weight.  Microcellular Lightweight
     Excellent dispersion. Excellent Moulding Properties 
     Help in making matt finishes & dry feel sole
     To make sole wet & dry skin resistant
    Customized Features   UV-Resistant
     Anti-Oil /Acid /Fat / Blood / Ethyl Alcohol/ Hydro carbon
     Lead-free Grades or Phthalate-free Grades
     Free of Heavy Metals and PAHs
     Microcellular Foamed Expanded Material
     Migration Resistant.  Yellow Stain Resistant
     Bending Resistant . Abrasion Resistant.  
     Bacteria Sterilization Resistant 
     High / Low Temperature Resisitance

    Friendly Tips

    The compound manufactured at our facility is widely used in footwear like slippers, soles, components, and straps etc. If you have bulk orders and searching for one of the trusted PVC Strap Compounds Exporters and Suppliers, we are here to serve you.

    Call or drop your inquiry to know more.

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    Main Application

    Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding