PVC Compounds for Wire & Cable Sheathing and Insulation

PVC Compounds for Wire & Cable Sheathing and Insulation

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  • Material : PVC Resin + Additives
  • Hardness : ShoreA80-A90
  • Density : 1.22-1.35g/cm3
  • Processing: Extrusion Moulding
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    Product Description

    Cable PVC compounds are thermoplastic materials derived from processing polyvinyl chloride compositions, produced as granules. Various properties are imparted to compounds depending on applications and item operation conditions. Cable PVC granules are use in the cable and conductor industry for manufacture of insulation and protective wire and cable sheaths jacket.

    PVC General Sheathing Grade Compound is manufactured using prime grade virgin PVC raw materials, strictly complying to RoHS (Heavy Metal & Lead-Free) regulation. We also provide high-heat, low-smoke zero-halogen and flame-retardant properties, making them ideal for wire and cable applications. The benefits of using PVC compounds for cables include cost effectiveness, flame retardancy and durability. 

    Product Types

    Wire and Cable Insulation Compounds

    Wire and Cable Sheathing Jacket Compounds

    FR (Flame Retardant) Insulation Compound

    FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smok) Compound

    HR (Heat Resistant) PVC Cable Granules

    ROHS & UL Compliant Compounds

    UL Compliant Compounds

    Lead Free Compounds

    Calcium-Zinc Based Compound

    Cold Temperature (-40℃) Resistant Compound

    70 °C & 90 °C PVC Insulation Sheathing

    80 °C (ST1) & 90 °C (ST2) Granules

    PVC Filling rated 70 °C Granules

    Product  Application

    ● Automotive Wire and Cable

    ● Green Energy PVC Cable

    ● Building PVC Wire and Cable

    ● House holds wires & cables

    ● Electric appliances wires

    ● Fire Survival Cables

    ● Photovoltaic Solar(PV) Cables

    ● Submersible pumps flat & round cables

    ● Electronic Control cables

    ● Domestic and industrial cables

    ● Coaxial Cable

    ● Coated Wire Mesh (Wire Fence)

    ● Signal,Communication & Data Cables

    ● Telecommunication cables (telephone cables, data transmission cables)

    ● Special Cable (Instrumentation Cables, Co-axial Cables, Control Cables, Fire Alarm Cables)

    ● Power Cables (Low Voltage Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, High and Extra High Voltage Cables)


    Product Details

    Basic Features . Eco-friendly .  No Smell.   Non Toxic
    · Excellent Durability
    . Bending Resistant . Abrasion Resistant
    . Excellent Moulding Properties 
    . Lossy or Matt Appearance
    . Customized Formulations
    . Outstanding Chemical and Physical Properties
    Modified Character  UV-Resistant
     Anti-Oil /Acid /Gasoline / Ethyl Alcohol 
     Migration Resistant
     Bending Resistant . Abrasion Resistant.
     Sterilization Resistant 
     Low Temperature Resisitance
     Heat Resisitance
     Low-Smoke Low-Halogen

    Friendly Tips

    INPVC manufactures a standard range of PVC cable compounds but if you are looking to find a solution for a speciality application, INPVC’s experience, not only in PVC cable compounds but PVC as a whole, can help to create a customized PVC cable compound for your specific requirements. 

    Take a look through our range of PVC compounds for cables above or talk to our technical experts about what you are looking to achieve with your cable compound and see how we can help you.

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    Main Application

    Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding