PVC Material for Shrink Packaging & Lable Printing Film

PVC Material for Shrink Packaging & Lable Printing Film

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  • Material : PVC Resin Powder/Granules Pallets
  • Hardness : ShoreD80
  • Density : 1.30-1.33g/cm3
  • Processing: Blowing Moulding
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    Product Description

    PVC Shrink Film - A type of shrink wrap used for a variety of applications. Such as, fresh meat, poultry, vegetables, books, sealing mineral water as well as medicine bottles, beverages, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beer and labels etc.The PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is the third most-produced plastic in the world.  There are  two grades PVC films:

    Label Printing Grade

    Suitable for producing or printing shrink sleeves & labels. This PVC shrinking film is clear, tough and glossy. Other key strengths are its smooth surface and long blowing time.

    General Packaging Grade

    A well-rounded PVC film that is excellent for promotional packs, cap seals, and security closures. The PVC film’s clearness, durability, and exemplary heat seal strength makes it a versatile film.

    PVC raw material has good transparency, oil resistance, barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen, and good corrosion resistance to many substances such as acids, alkalis, and salts. Using polyvinyl chloride resin and non-toxic additives, plastic packaging that meets national standards and directly contacts packaging beverages, food and pharmaceuticals can be made. 

    For decades, we are dedicated to the research, development and production of PVC Compounds.To process this product at our well-equipped unit, our skilled professionals use superior grade polyvinyl chloride and innovative methodology. Our offered product is widely demanded to be used in packaging film industry.

    Product Form

    * PVC Compounds *

    Transparent Pellets Granules Grain Particle
    Blue Pellets Granules Particle Grain
    Light Blue Pellets Granules Particle Grain 

    * PVC Powder *

    Natural White Resin Powder
    Blue Resin Powder
    Light Blue Resin Powder 


    Product Character

    ● Non-toxic Eco-friendly materials

    ● Crystal hard material

    ● Easy to process and press

    ● Perfect shrink percentage

    ● High transparency Gloss

    ● High tensile strength, elongation

    ● Excellent for machine printing

    ● Excellent Mechanical Properties

    ● Perfect seam welding characteristics

    Prodct Application

    PVC Shrink Film for Packaging | PVC Shrink Film for Label Printing | PVC Wrapping film

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    Main Application

    Injection,Extrusion and Blowing Moulding